The Design And Construction Of Moulds And Dyes

VIDARCO as a leading company in the plastic injection sector which has available a highly qualified work team in order to carry out the design of the parts as well as collaborating in its design and development for the mold or dyes and the manufacture of its parts.
In our professional work shop for moulds and dyes we have available the necessary infrastructure and technology in order to bring to fruition our client's objectives.
We build the molds or matrices to a rigorous quality control standard and offer a refinement and maintenance service for the works carried out.



We have available 20 injection machines which work with between 6 to 200 tons at a time.
Our experience and knowledge in this sector allows us to carry out all types of technical injection with different materials for example, bio degradable, auto extinguishing, etc.



We always try to provide a complete service to our clients. For this reason we can provide an area where we can offer the possibility of carrying out the set up of the parts, analyzing the possibility of vertical integration of the set ups for the injection line with the aim of reducing production costs for the product.



In the dyes department we have at our disposition 8 presses of 10 - 80 Ton capacity which have CNC feeders providing precision and quality to the parts.
We can stamp out different types of material such as brass, copper, alpaca, stainless steel, bronze etc.


ULS Welding

We have ultra sound welding machines which permit us to weld plastic parts and incorporate metal inserts.


Spot welding

In VIDARCO we also have available spot point welding machines which allow contact metal welding.


Finished parts

Always looking to provide a complete service to the client, VIDARCO can realize different types of finishes on the parts.

Silk Screen Printing/Pad Printing
Plating and processing treatments

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